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Dr Maria Giannakourou is a PhD Chemical Engineer (Thesis title: “Prediction of shelf life of foods with reduced water activity: application on frozen vegetables”, National Technical University of Athens), and her present position is as an Associate Professor in Instrumental Food Analysis, Laboratory of Chemistry, Analysis & Design of Food Processes, Department of Food Science and Technology, University of West Attica (in the area of “Processing, preservation techniques and Quality control of fruits and vegetables”). She has a long experience on food science and technology, Instrumental Food Analysis (obtained during her 7 year service at the General Chemical State Laboratory, as a food and beverage analyst) and she has systematically worked in several research projects, highly related to food engineering and preservation. Her main areas of scientific interest, as revealed by her published work, include methods of food processing, shelf life studies and quality assessment, non thermal processes, osmotic pretreatment of animal (meat and fish products) and vegetable tissues for shelf life extension, smart packaging (Time temperature Indicators), hurdle technology application, novel food production, sensory evaluation etc. She has published more than 50 research articles in international scientific journals and book chapters and numerous research articles in international and Hellenic scientific conferences. She is a reviewer at 15 scientific journals and served as a Guest Editor in four Special Issues.

 Research fields

Food processing and preservation, Food Engineering, Mathematical modelling, By-product sustainable application.

 Representative recent publications

Giannakourou, M.C, Saltaouras, K.-P., & Stoforos, N.G.S. 2021. On optimum dynamic temperature profiles for thermal inactivation kinetics determination. Journal of Food Science, 1-21. DOI: 10.1111/1750-3841.15770 (Accepted).

Giannakourou, M.C., Tsironi, T.N. 2021. Application of Processing and Packaging Hurdles for Fresh-Cut Fruits and Vegetables Preservation. Foods 10(4):830.

Giannakourou, M.C., Poulis, S., Konteles, S.J., Dipla, A., Lougovois, V., Kyrana, V., Proestos, C. and Sinanoglou*, V.J. (2021). Combined Effect of Impregnation with an Origanum vulgare Infusion and Osmotic Treatment on the Shelf Life and Quality of Chilled Chicken Fillets. Molecules 26, 2727.

Giannakourou, M.C., Tsironi, T., Thanou, I., Tsagri, A.M., Katsavou, E., Lougovois, V., Kyrana, V., Kasapidis, G. and Sinanoglou, V.J., (2019). Shelf Life Extension and Improvement of the Nutritional Value of Fish Fillets through Osmotic Treatment Based on the Sustainable Use of Rosa damascena Distillation By-Products. Foods, 8(9), p.421.

Giannakourou, M.C. and Taoukis P.S. 2019. Meta-analysis of Kinetic Parameter Uncertainty on Shelf Life Prediction in the Frozen Fruits and Vegetable Chain Food Engineering Reviews. 11(1): 14-28.



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 Currently teaching (undergraduate)

Food Processing (I), Fruit and vegetable science and technology, Food Industry Waste and By-product manag