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Academic Fellow

Academic Fellow



Panagiotis E. Igoumenidis is a Chemical Engineer (National Technological University of Athens) with a PhD in Food Science/Engineering (Harokopio University). He also holds a Master’s Degree in Waste Management (Hellenic Open University). His main expertise is built in the fields of food development, physical chemistry, processing and engineering of foods. He has more than 10 years undergraduate teaching experience (lab) and an additional working experience of more than 5 years in private and/or food industry sectors, as a Chemical Engineer/external partner.


Selected Publications

Igoumenidis, P.E., Iosifidis, S.V., Lopez-Quiroga, E., Bakalis, S., & Karathanos, V.T. (2019). Absorption of phenolic acids in rice kernels after boiling in spearmint aqueous extracts of different concentrations. A diffusion study. Journal of Food Science, 84(10), 2859-2867

Igoumenidis, P.E., Zoumpoulakis, P., & Karathanos, V.T. (2018). Physicochemical interactions between rice starch and caffeic acid during boiling. Food Research International, 109, 589-595

Diamanti, A.C., Igoumenidis, P.E., Mourtzinos, I., Yannakopoulou, K., & Karathanos, V.T. (2017). Green extraction of polyphenols from whole pomegranate fruit using cyclodextrins. Food Chemistry, 214, 61-66

Igoumenidis, P.E., & Karathanos, V.T. (2016). Diffusion and thermal stability of phenolic compounds during fortified rice rehydration process. Journal of Food Engineering, 174, 1-7

Igoumenidis, P.E., Lekka, E.G., & Karathanos, V.T. (2016). Fortification of white milled rice with phytochemicals during cooking in aqueous extract of Mentha spicata leaves. An adsorption study. LWT-Food Science & Technology, 65, 589-596


Current position

Academic Fellow


Currently teaching (undergraduate)

Food Engineering (Lab)

Food Processing (Lab)


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Email: igoumenidisp@uniwa.gr