The Program in the Department of Food Science and Technology of the School of Food Sciences of the University of West Attica aims to provide graduates with a high level of knowledge and skills in the following topics:

  • food microbiology
  • food chemistry and analysis
  • biochemistry
  • food processing
  • maintenance and packaging
  • quality assurance
  • nutrition
  • thetechnologyofplantandanimalfoodproducts


Graduates of the Department of Food Science and Technology will acquire the necessary competencies that will enable them to either be involved in the Food manufacturing sector, which is one of the most dynamically evolving sectors both in Europe and in Greece or pursuing careers in research or academia.


Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate program of The Department of Food Science and Technology achieves its goal by adopting contemporary and innovative international practices in its Curriculum, both theoretically and in practical terms, adapted to both international and Greek reality. The program is designed to offer a modern and comprehensive analytical outline of courses and other training activities, adapted to students’ needs by utilizing, composing and evolving international know-how and specialized scientific knowledge.

In particular, the Department’s Curriculum aims to achieve the following goals:

  • theprovisionofhigh-qualityhighereducationattheoreticalandlaboratorylevel;
  • thecontinuousmonitoringof new developments in science, research and technology.
  • togain a broad understanding of food science and in-depth knowledge of the specialized fields of chemistry,microbiology, processing – maintenance and quality assurance of
  • theacquisition of skills by graduates will enable them to respond successfully to any competitive working environment in the food sector with very good career prospects.
  • theacquisitionofknowledgebygraduates enables them to attend postgraduate programs in Universities in Greece and abroad successfully.


Postgraduate Studies

The Department awards a Postgraduate Program (Master of Science, MSc) entitled “FOOD INNOVATION, QUALITY AND SAFETY”.