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Anthimia Batrinou has a BSc in Biology (National Kapodistrean University of Athens, 1988), MSc in Biotechnology, (awarded with distinction, Imperial College London 1989), MSc in Management (Imperial College, London 1990) and a PhD from Medical School of Athens (National Kapodistrean University of Athens, 1997). She has more than 20 years teaching experience in undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the area of Food Biotechnology, Biology and Microbiology in the Departments of “Food Science and Technology”, “Wine, Vine and Beverage Sciences” and “Biomedical Sciences” of the University of West Attica. Author of 21 publications in international peer-review journals, 55 announcements in conferences, 3 books and 6 chapters. She has participated in 8 research programs. Her research interests focus on: food quality and safety (mycotoxins, food allergens, food irradiation, microbial stability), food microbiology (foodborne pathogens, antibiotic resistance, antimicrobial activity of natural substances, 16S metagenomics analysis) and biotechnological applications on foods and health.

Research fields

Food Biotechnology, Biology, Microbiology


Representative publications:

  1. Batrinou, Anthimia; Houhoula, Dimitra; Papageorgiou, Efstathia. 2020. “Rapid detection of mycotoxins on foods and beverages with enzyme linked immunosorbent assay” Quality Assurance and Safety of Crops & Foods, 12 (1): 40-49
  2. Eleni Spanea, Theofania Tsironi, Efstathia Tsakali, Anthimia Batrinou, Valentina Stefanou, Dionyssios Antonopoulos, Stamatios Koussissis, John Tsaknis, Jan Van Impe & Dimitra Houhoula. 2020. Evaluation of a Real Time PCR assay method for the detection of genetically modified organisms in food products, Journal of Food Research, Vol 9 (2) doi:10.5539/jfr.v9n2p1.
  3. Batrinou A, Strati IF, Houhoula D, Tsaknis J, Sinanoglou VJ. 2020. Authentication of olive oil based on DNA analysis. Grasas y Aceites71(3), e366.
  4. Alexandros KanapitsasAnthimia BatrinouAthanasios AravantinosConstantinos Sflomos, Panagiota Markaki (2016) Gamma radiation inhibits the production of Ochratoxin A by Aspergillus carbonarius. Development of a method for OTA determination in raisins, Food Bioscience, 15:42-48,
  1. Panagiotis Zoumpoulakis, PhD; Vassilia J Sinanoglou, Ph.D.; Anthimia Batrinou, PhD;Irini F Strati; Sofia Miniadis-Meimaroglou, PhD; Konstantinos Sflomos, PhD (2012)“A combined methodology to detect γ-irradiated white sesame seeds and evaluate the effects  on fat content, physicochemical properties and protein allergenicity”, Food Chemistry  131:713-721


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