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Irini F. Strati is a chemist from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (GR) with a MSc degree in Food Science from the University of Reading (U.K.) and a PhD from the Laboratory of Food Science and Technology of School of Chemical Engineering (NTUA, GR). She has working experience as a Food Chemist in R&D Departments of food industries and over 20 years of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching experience at the Department of Food Science and Technology of the University of West Attica. Her research interests focus on: (1) the extraction of natural antioxidants from agricultural and industrial by-products (2) the chemical characterization of bioactive compounds and application in natural products, (3) the development and application of HPLC chromatography methods for the analysis of natural antioxidants (carotenoids, vitamins, phenolic compounds), (4) the application of visible-ultraviolet and infrared spectrophotometric methods for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of compounds, (5) the application of methods for measuring the antioxidant and antiradical activity of natural antioxidants, and (6) the use of experimental design of statistical analysis for process optimization. She has published 25 research articles in international peer-reviewed journals and 45 articles in proceedings of international and Greek scientific conferences. She has participated in 2 research projects and she is reviewer in 15 scientific journals.


Research fields

Food Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry


Representative publications

Sinanoglou, V.J, Kavga, A., Strati, I.F., Sotiroudis, G., Lantzouraki, D., Zoumpoulakis, P. (2019). Effects of infrared radiation on eggplant greenhouse cultivation and fruits’ phenolic profile. Foods, 8 (12), 630, doi:10.3390/foods8120630.


Giannakourou, M., Strati, I.F., Kriebardis, A.G., Mantanika, V., Poulis, S., Zoumpoulakis, P., and Sinanoglou, V.J. (2019). Shelf life extension and quality improvement of cucumber slices impregnated in infusions of edible herbs. Analytical Letters, 52 (17), 2677-2691, doi: 10.1080/00032719.2019.1589476.


Kavga, A., Strati, I.F., Sinanoglou, V.J., Fotakis, C., Sotiroudis, G., Christodoulou, P. and Zoumpoulakis, P. (2019). Evaluating the experimental cultivation of peppers in low-energy-demand greenhouses. An interdisciplinary study. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 99 (2): 781–789,


Sinanoglou, V.J., Zoumpoulakis, P., Fotakis, C., Kalogeropoulos, N., Sakellari, A., Karavoltsos, S. and Strati, I.F.* (2018). On the Characterization and Correlation of Compositional, Antioxidant and Colour Profile of Common and Balsamic Vinegars. Antioxidants, 7, 139; doi:10.3390/antiox7100139.


Strati, I.F.*, Kostomitsopoulos, G., Lytras, F., Zoumpoulakis, P., Proestos, C. and Sinanoglou, V.J. (2018). Optimization of Polyphenol Extraction from Allium ampeloprasum var. porrum through Response Surface Methodology. Foods, 7(10), 162; doi:10.3390/foods7100162.




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Functional food ingredients

Waste Management and Food By-products Valorization

Instrumental Food Analysis

Chemical Composition and Quality of Food