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Assistant Professor Efstathia Tsakali is a Food Technologist, with a PhD from Universita degli Studi di Bari (Italy) and a MSc degree from the University of Nottigham (UK). She has 18 years of working experience in the food industry mostly on Food Safety Management and Quality Control. Her Academic experience includes undergraduate teaching at the Department of Food Science and Technology (University of West Attica – UniWA), since 2012 and teaching in 3 MSc courses at the University of West Attica and at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KU Leuven – Belgium). She has been a visiting Professor at KU Leuven since 2016 and an affiliated member of KU Leuven BioTeC+ research team since 2012. She has also been a member of the Research Laboratory “Food and Beverages’ Safety and Quality” (UniWA), since 2015. She has coordinated or participated in more than 10 research programs and her publications include 14 research papers in international peer-review journals, 4 books, 3 chapters, 35 Oral and poster announcements in International Conferences and 1 patent.


Representative publications:

Llopis Ortiz, JM, Tsouknidas, C., Pytel, S., Papatheodorou, S., Vougiouklaki, D., Tsakni, A., Antonopoulos, D., Tsakali, E., Van Impe, J, Houhoula, D. (2021). Effectual Gold Nanoprobe Sensor for Screening Cow Milk Adulteration in Goat Milk—Comparison with Conventional PCR. Journal of Agricultural Science, Vol. 13 (5): 41-49


Tsakali, Ε., Agkastra, C., Koliaki, C., Livanios, D., Boutris, G., Christopoulou, M.I., Koulouris, S., Koussissis, S., Van Impe, J., Houhoula, D. (2019). Milk adulteration: Detection of bovine milk in caprine dairy products by Real Time PCR. Journal of Food Research, Vol.8 (4): 52-57


Tsakali, E., Chatzilazarou, A., Houhoula, D., Koulouris, S., Tsaknis, J., Van Impe, J. (2019).  A rapid HPLC method for the determination of Lactoferrin in milk of various species. Journal of Dairy Research, 86(2):238-241


Βaka, M., Noriega-Fernández, E., Tsakali, E., Van Impe, J. (2015). Influence of composition and processing of Frankfurter sausages on the growth dynamics of Listeria monocytogenes under vacuum. Journal of Food Research International, 70: 94-100


Tsakali, E., Petrotos, K., D’ Alessandro, A.G., Mantas, C, Tripolitsiotis, I, Goulas, P., Chatzilazarou, A., Van Impe, J. (2015). Exploring the effect of UF/DF processing conditions on the Lf and IgG content of Feta whey protein concentrates. Journal of Food Process Engineering, 38 (4): 363-373


Tsakali, E., Petrotos, K., Chatzilazarou, A., Stamatopoulos, K., D’ Alessandro, A.G., Goulas, P., Massouras, T., Van Impe, J. (2014). Determination of lactoferrin in Feta cheese whey with RP-HPLC. Journal of Dairy Science, 97: 4832-4837



ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-5630-1572

Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=xsWFMrIAAAAJ&hl=el


Currently teaching (undergraduate):

Dairy Science and Technology (course id 8010)

Food Legislation (course id 3061)

General Principles of Food Hygiene (course id 7041)